Meet Eddy Tony, Founder & CEO, BPM Fitness

The story of my health transformation begins in my mid twenties. I was a young entrepreneur dealing with the stress and excitement of two thriving businesses, a restaurant and a nightclub. The restaurant and club industry led me to a lifestyle that involved late nights, poor food choices and frequent alcohol consumption. In the beginning I had no trouble keeping up with this lifestyle because I was young and had a great amount of resiliency. As the years passed, I began to see the effects of my late nights, and my food and activity choices. I lost control over my cravings, and I began to see a shift in my energy levels. I had low energy, low libido and a low immunity to illness. I had acne, allergies and frequent sinus and respiratory health issues. I had chronic piriformis syndrome for 2 years. I was taking various, strong medications for these ailments including Accutane, Advil, and antibiotics. These medications combined with chronically high cortisol levels caused leaky gut syndrome, which led to food sensitivities, allergies, and a low immune system. These ailments, along with a significant weight gain over time, motivated me to make some changes.

I started by hiring a personal trainer, which has been one of the best decisions I have made to date. I started to understand my body and how it works. I also learned that, although exercise is a crucial element of well being, I was missing a significant factor in the complete picture of health – proper nutrition. I began doing my own research about nutrition and I soon found myself enthralled with a new world of wellness.

I made critical changes to my diet, and after some months of experimenting with different dietary plans, I found the key to my success. 

Using fitness and nutrition I am able to control my acne, allergies and respiratory issues, and I find it easy to maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass. After experiencing these incredible results I wanted to share my findings with my friends, family and others. I realized that the key to my success was the combination of understanding the proper diet for my body, a positive mindset, and consistent exercise.

This is when I started learning from the best teachers at the best institutes and decided to open my own training facility in order to offer London just that – a place where the complete picture of your health is analyzed and both dietary and exercise needs are met by professionals in the field.

Three years later, I joined forces with the #1 Online fitness company in the world and became Top 100 Diamond Ranked Coached in the company of over 450,000 coaches.  I also mentor a group of personal trainers and health coaches.  If you would like to get mentored by me. Click here: 

As the founder of BPM Fitness, I represent you, the average person wanting to make a positive change in their lifestyle. I have gone through the trials, setbacks, and more recently, the successes. Now it’s your turn! Our team of health and fitness professionals will passionately work with you to help you achieve your goals. Together, we will gain control over your health and work to get you in the best shape of your life.

⇾ Certified Holistic Health Coach (IIN)
⇾ Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Paul Chek)
⇾ Certified Personal Trainer (Darby Training Systems)
⇾ Bio Signature Practitioner (Poliquin Group)
⇾ Alpha II Trainee (Biocybernaut)

⇾ Top 100 Diamond Ranked Online Coach
⇾ Certified PiYO Instructor