Here for the first time? Don't worry, we've got your back.


Whether you are new to fitness, having never set foot in a gym, or whether you are an experienced athlete or exerciser, you will absolutely love our full body boot camps. Our workouts are intentionally designed so that everyone can do them, enjoy them, and leave here with the feelings of rejuvenation, satisfaction, and accomplishment.  Remember to:


#1: Be kind to yourself. Trust me on this one, the less you judge yourself and the easier that you are on yourself, the better of a time you'll have. Don't take yourself too seriously- we sure don't!

#2: Introduce yourself to your coach, and then to at least one (maybe two) other person(s). This way, you'll get to know the people that are sweating and working their butts off with you! 

#3: Allow your coach to demonstrate the warm-up sequence, and guide you through the exercises prescribed. 

#4: HAVE FUN! Enjoy the workout. Enjoy the sweat on your forehead! You earned it. Work hard, and then rest hard.


We promise that you'll love your experience here. We want you to love the feeling of moving your body! We can guarantee a sense of feeling re-connected to yourself, a feeling of achievement, and a sense of community.




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You will bike, jump, lift, hop and sing so we recommend a light snack at least an hour before.  Bering a water bottle, gym clothes and maybe a small sweat towel.  We provide shelving for your gym bags, full showers, toilet, and change room.  Arrive at least 15 minutes to settle in and introduce yourself to your coach.