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In collaboration with Colin Jackson, I am excited to share my knowledge and philosophy through demonstrating many tried, tested and true recipes I’ve developed throughout my culinary and fitness journey. Sprinkling in a few inspiring and trilling stories along the way you can expect to come away with secrets I have spent fifteen years to discover. This BPM exclusive evening together will be not only informative and delicious but more importantly thought-provoking and liberating! This event will focus on health, longevity and an overall feel good diet with the aim to get the most out of the hard work Coolin puts you through on the turf! We will discuss and differentiate the most common and effective approaches to an overall, gradual improvement of WHAT WE PUT IN OUR BODIES, with a primary focus on making SALAD healthy, delicious and fun. Step-by-step I will make a variety of outside-the-box sauces and dressings that can be used in combination with my unique salad ingredients to spruce up anybody’s cooking habits. Many signature dishes will be demonstrated and served from the demonstrated recipes for everyone to enjoy. Furthermore, every attendee will be given the chance mix-and-match to create their very own dishes from the extensive array of salad bar components leaving to an explosion of ideas and possibilities. There will be enough food for everyone to make a few variations and even take some home. Sample portions of the sauces will be available as well and the real take home is the foolproof recipes and instructions. Together we will make 'eating healthy' so delicious you'll dread CHEAT DAY! 

Through my work as a Personal Chef, I have developed a reputation for having a very unique approach to food creation. The most challenging and notable experiences of my chef career, which have fuelled my enthusiasm for healthy food, have been when I was contractually engaged through The Grass Roots of Food in exclusive, private culinary service cooking for actors, singers, models and billionaires around the world. This elite category often involves formidable obstacles demanding not only skill but an energetic personality in order to deliver the very best experience for such a privileged clientele, who often require preparation and service aboard private jets, super yachts and in remote locations and estates. This affluent social class, who are devotees of exceptionally clean and FIT cuisine only bestow their patronage upon chefs who have an uncommon culinary knowledge, as well as, unique understanding and diversified background in highly-customized and purposeful meal planning.

Hosted by Trevor Ross of The Grass Roots of Food and Colin Jackson of BPM.

Tickets & event information available through Colin Jackson.
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Bon Appetite and see you all soon.

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